The Asian Disgrace

Asian culture, for a long time has been associated with high morality, respect and good manners. But nowadays, there is a nation in Southeast Asian that colliding it.

It is Malingsia. Their behavior has shown none but act of despising toward Indonesia lately. They stole Sipadan and Ligitan island, claimed Ambalat, oppressed Indonesia karate umpire, raided Indonesian people without respect, claimed many Indonesian art & culture. However, recently they just admit that their claims for angklung and Rasa Sayange song were foolish. But, while Indonesian anger still doesn’t abate yet, now the Malingsian start a new case. They claim that Bahasa Indonesia is theirs. Are they idiot? (because of course Bahasa Indonesia belongs to Indonesian, so their claim will undoubtedly pushed away, and in the end, they will be, once again, the embarrassed side) Or could it be that Malingsian have forgot all about morality, respect, and manners? Whichever, the only thing I could say is that Malingsia have smeared themselves as a disgraced nation in Asia.


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