good morning

heu, dah rada lama juga ga ngupdate blog ini.. kmaren emang jatah speedy nya abis jauh sebelum waktunya hehe…

lately, i always play every d’cinnamons song from their album “good morning” every time I turn on my PC. never ever feel bored to listen to their song. a bit regretting just having the album for 1 week, while I had the OST cintapuccino album since long ago.. one thing I love so much from this indie band from Bandung is that all of the songs were played in acoustic mode, and combined with crispy voice of the vocalist, it becomes so sticky that I just can’t myself get out of this album!

good morning kover album

in this album, d’cinnamons gives 10 songs:

Ku Yakin Cinta.
Mayday, I’m In Love.
Loving You.
Super Girl.
Tak Takut!
Good Morning.
Semua Yang Ada.
I Love You.
So Would You Let Me Be…

the themes of the songs are all about love, with some variations about the love story in each song. some telling the bitterness of love, while others telling the sweetness side.. as we know, falllin love has million tastes..

here I highlight the core lyric of each song, which just by seeing this, u’ll able to guess what the song is about:

Kuyakin Cinta

Namun denganmu, kutau cinta kan mengobati segala hampa hatiku ini
Kini kupercaya, kupercaya..

Mayday, I’m in love

Yes, maybe I’m in love…!

Mayday!.. Mayday!..  I need some help!!!
It feels burning inside of my head!

Loving You

Loving you it hurts sometimes


Yes I am Strong, I wanna be a supergirl
Well,.. I just miss being..

OOO    ooo    that strong little girl, noo..
Don’t wanna be alone

Tak Takut

Kutak Takut kehilanganmu!
Kutak Takut sendiri lagi!


Can’t believe it, it’s only been one day
But I miss you, Love..

Good Morning

Good Morning, My Love
I Love You

Semua Yang Ada

Oooh, andaikan kubisa berpaling dari dirimu!
Oooh, lemas hati ini jika aku harus memilih lagi…

I Love You

Yes, I love you…
From deep in my heart!

So Would You Let Me Be

So would you let me be my self?
Reach all of my dreams & hopes?

for full lyrics of the songs, just visit D’Cinnamons Site

nah, among those 10 songs, my favorite song goes to I.M.U.L.! the lyric is just so simple yet so sweet… besides, the song is just hitting my current feelin so right, ya, I miss U love… =)


7 thoughts on “good morning

  1. Bung, nih album dah lama banget kali..
    nyambungin ke blog saya dunkz..

  2. hi,just read your review. like it so much! bottom point is: the song is honest.. but the sad sad thing is, our music industry isn’t! at all!! 😦

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  4. I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about
    my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!

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