In memoriam: her

she’s gone. she whom I love. she whom I was sure will be marrying with. she who stole my heart, with her purity, her joking, her intelligence, her spirit, her kindness, her comforting, her cuteness, her diligence, her beauty. she whom I’d found perfect as my match. until later I’m proven wrong. until I’m completely unable to bear with her impatience, her tendency to be very evil and has no self-control when she is angry, her lack of thinking, considering, and understanding me, her ease to form negative judgement and after that went angry, her spoiled nature that she must always have what she want, her must-always-win attitude in arguments even when I’m sure I’m right, anymore. this is sad, this is sorest. I was sure love could overcome anything, but now I realize that either it is wrong, or making such a love is absolutely difficult.

I never knew perfection till, I heard you speak and now it kills me, just to hear you say the simple things. now waking up is hard to do, sleeping’s impossible too, and every things reminding me of you, what can I do? It’s not right, not okay, say the words that you’re saying. maybe we’re better off this way.

this love has taken its toll on me, she said goodbye too many times before. and her heart is breaking in front of me, I have no choice, cause I won’t say goodbye anymore.

<ahaha, I guess I’m really a fan of Maroon 5>

another that’s it. she said goodbye too many times before. I love her, I miss her. but enough is enough. I hope she will live happy life forever. quoting a YM’s status of a friend of mine, “senyummu masih tetap menawan, cerita cinta masih akan terbentang”. time to move on. I hope someday she won’t hate me much as much as she said. live well and prosper, my dear love who hate me. good bye.


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