Persib 5 vs 1 Persiba Match Report

Persib Bandung were simply brilliant in their first home match this season. In Siliwangi Stadium, Persib showed their class as favourite title contender as they crushed last season 3rd rank Persiba Balikpapan 5-1.

Even though playing as away team, Persiba was the first team with a chance. On 6′, a shot from Aldo Barreto succesfully blocked by Markus, and only resulted in a corner kick. But then, 13 minutes since the match started, Persib led the match following Pablo Frances’s strike. It was Eka Ramdani’s brilliant pass from deep that reach Christian Gonzales, who then dribbled into the box and shot the ball, which unfortunately just hit the post. Pablo Frances came from second line, and sent the rebound with a low spin drive onto the corner of Persiba’s goal, 1-0 for Persib.

The match went tighter since that. Persib and Persiba exchanged dangerous attack. On 15′, Markus blocked a shot, while on 27′ it’s Persiba’s goalkeeper turn to blocked Gonzales shot. On 29′, Pablo Frances got a good chance from a cross from the right wing, but his header just went above the bar. One minute later, Donny F Siregar almost equalised the score, but his shot only met by the bar. However, 2 minutes later, Persiba did really equalise. Nova Arianto failed to clear a ball come from corner kick, and Aldo Barreto didn’t miss this chance, his strong header changed the score back to draw 1-1.

On 41′, Persib got a good chance from free kick directly in front of goal just a little out of Persiba’s penalty area. However, Eka Ramdani’s freekick were not on target, even though it’s just inches wide. With only seconds left to end the first half, Atep sent Siliwangi Stadium into raptures. An unexpected shot came from him and left Persiba’s goalkeeper just standing watching the ball stuck into his goal.

In the second half, Persib were much more dominant. In the first 15 minutes, Persib got a decent number of shots, however all of them are long range effort. Two shots came from Atep, but one went very far above the goal, while the other could be catched by Persiba’s goalkeeper, who also managed to catch Hariono’s shot on 51′. In 60′, Persib’s effort paid off. Through pass from Eka Ramdani got into Shahril Ishak, who cleverly returned the ball back to Eka Ramdani. Eka then unleashed a first time shot which could be blocked by the Persiba’s goalkeeper, but Eka seized the rebound and record his name on the scoreboard on his debut as Persib’s captain.

Lead by two goals, Persib loosed their attack a bit. Aldo Barreto then able to released a shot, but his shot were too weak and easily caught by Markus. On 77′, Jejen Zainal Abdidin, who came as substitute for Eka Ramdani, sent a cross from the right wing which met by a sublime finish from Rahmat Affandi, who came as substitute for Pablo Frances, to the near side of the post and turned the score into 4-1 for Persib.

Just a minute later, Gonzales almost scored, but his header were wide off the post, and Persiba then replied with a header from Donny F. Siregar, which also just wide off the post. On 83′, a speculative strong shot from Hariono hit the bar, and the ball wheeled to left side of Persiba’s defence, where Jejen Zainal Abidin  had already waiting. With a low, slow, but very precise first time shot, Jejen completed his performance with his first ever goal for Persib.

Until the end of the match, the scoreline didn’t change, 5-star rate Persib demolished Persiba 5-1.


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