My IELTS Score

This morning I took the result of my IELTS test, and here is the score:

Listening: 6.5
Crap, I was expecting 7 -_-‘
On all self-tests I did, I always able to achieve listening score in range 7-7.5. Yes, I did super-duper terrible at the first listening part at the actual test, I wasn’t yet on my mind when the test begin, but I was pretty sure I did very well on the third and fourth part, so well that it should be enough to cover the mistakes I did on the first part and get me a band 7 score. But seems I was wrong, I only rewarded 6.5 😐

Reading: 9.0
A very nice surprise! On all self-tests I did, my score for reading had never even touch band 8, but in the real test I got perfect score, hurray 😀

Writing: 6.0
I hardly believe this one. I was sure that my writing was good, I used complex sentence form, I utilized a wide range of vocabulary, I made sure all the paragraphs are related, I gave conclusion in the end of my writing, and I made sure my writing is cohesive and flowing. I was sure I’ll get 7 the lowest! How come it turns out to be I don’t even reach 6.5 for this one?? Arrgghhh..

Speaking: 6.0
Well, I got my prediction correct for this one. I admit that I didn’t do very well at speaking test, and even though I had a slight hope that the assessor will be kind enough to give me 7, I am stuck at 6, which is fine by me.

Overall Score: 7.0
Well, I got my minimum target. There is a bit disappointment because I think I have the ability to get 7.5, but considering the disaster on the first part of the listening test and how nonsense I sounded in the speaking test, I am quite satisfied with the overall score. Perhaps one important note for myself is to learn active English, especially writing. There must be something wrong on my writing ability if I am sure I can reach good score at it while I actually just hit a mediocre score.


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