What to Do?

I really don’t know what to do.. I think I’m supposed to hate you. But can I? Or perhaps the more proper question, do I want it?

3 months ago you wrote “Besok, Lusa, Sebulan lagi, Setahun lagi, saya masihkah saya yang sama?”

2 months ago you wrote “MISS MY OLD LIFE SO BAD!!!”

last month you wrote “you are always there -somewhere- for me”

I know you are not the same as you are 3 months ago, and I do miss you in your old life, but I still feel I want to be somebody which always there, for you. . .

Should I try to wait – or chase – hoping the old you will back? Or should I, try to deny all things we’ve through? Oh God, this time it’s so different, everyone’s mind is tuned, no anger involved, and the conclusion is reached together, but I just can’t see any single spot without her image appearing… God, please help show me what to do, and give me strength to do things I ought to do.

Labile Mode, AJ Internet Geylang 2011

Ow! Got inspiration suddenly, thanks God, okay fine goodbye labile mode, I think I’ve already know what I have to do 😀


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