Bad Times

There are times in our life where everything just happened in the worst possible way. I’ll take my life today as example. I was going to apply for a credit card (after previously rejected until three times), when all this bad things started. I fell off from my motorcycle in front of my office’s gate. I didn’t see a white, thin rope transverse across the gate, and when I am aware of it, I braked my motorcycle but then the motorcycle spinning uncontrollably. My motorcycle mirror broken and I got some scratches (and perhaps bruises) that sting until now, and more than that, it’s kind of embarrassing to fall watched by so many people -_-‘

After that, I continue my trip, but then suddenly rain pouring drizzly. I decided that this kind of rain is harmless and I continued traveling. Poor me, when it’s only less than 1 km to arrive at the bank, the rain suddenly get very heavy, and I got no chance to pull on my rain cloak. I arrived in the bank heavily soaked from head to toe, and my pay slips from HR department (which took me 3 days from requesting it until receiving it) is wet, and a bit torn 😐

Wet, cold, and looked like splashed rat, I wait almost 1 hour in the bank until I got my turn to see the customer service. And you know what? After all misery I had to experienced, the customer service officer told me that the branch run out of credit card application form! What a crap! I spent my times in hardships for nothing! Now, this is what I called a bad time. If you think now you have a difficult time but less miserable than this, you should be grateful for your life, since there are people more unlucky than you!


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