So, I Guess This is The End

Another melancholic self-centric post *sigh*.

Finally, we’ve settled all matters. I have no debt left to you, and thus, perhaps, we’ll never meet again. Funny how we start everything in that McDonald, and finish everything in the exact same place. The timing is good too, since today was supposed to be our precisely 2.5 years relationship celebration, if you didn’t break me 3 months ago.

Do you know how hurt I am? You were everything for me. You were the most graceful blessing I ever had. You were my future. You were my best motivation. But you leave me. I had been, and would, do anything for you, yet you still leave. Leave me and chase another guy. I gave you my purest love, you give me back a permanent scars.

Since you leave me, whenever I remember you, my heart ache so much I can’t hold tears pouring. The problem is, every place reminds me of you, every stuffs reminds me of you, every seconds reminds me of you. Tears has been very loyal friend on my lonely night in this 3 months. Do you understand how hurt I am?

Even after you left, I still pray for you, I still stalk your activity, I still look at your photos when I need some relieve from job stress. Don’t you know I love you so much? Why did you betray me, my love? Why? Why? Shit, I can’t stop crying while writing this, I am so god damn lame weakling šŸ˜¦

Well, I’m not sure you’ll ever read this post, though. So, I guess today is the end. No more photos of you left at my wallet anyway. No more meeting with you also. No more you.


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