My Boarding Room

Time for some unimportant post 😀

This time I’m gonna write about my boarding room. My boarding room is located in Cinere area in Depok. It’s a small room measuring only 1,5 x 3,5 m. Usually I just lay everything on the floor and let the room becomes really messy.


But sometimes I tidy up too although it doesn’t seems to have much effect.



It’s very hot at noon (and at night sometimes) because my room doesn’t have any ventilation. There is only one window and one door for air circulation, but I never open the window anymore because anytime I open the window and left for work (or for any purpose), usually I’ll find some bugs/animals in my room, and I hate it. There were cockroaches, spiders, and many other bugs whose name I don’t know.

very big spider

very big spider

My room is separated from the house main building. I think perhaps originally my room was built as security guard post haha.

entrance door

entrance door

Exactly besides my room is a vacant lot planted with various trees. Added with the fact that my room is isolated from the main house building and is standing side by side with empty land, one of my neighbor ever told me that my room is really spooky, but I never felt anything strange though 😀

my room location

my room location

Considering all its bad things, I still feel content with my boarding room, because it’s walkable from my usual travel-agent’s location, relative cheap for Cinere area -500k/month including laundry-, and most of all, I’m already too lazy to move to another place haha.


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