Kenangan Itu Masih Ada

Sometimes, it’s funny how things revolving in our life. One time, you are the victim. Next time, you become the bad guy. And vice versa. This time, I am sorry for being the bad guy.

And then, there are paths and choices in life. Sometimes you have to choose path that hurts, just because you know you have to do it. This time, I am sorry for walking toward the heartbreaking path.

Also, there are hopes and reality. Many times, hopes are what make us able to strive in reality. But many times too, reality crushes hopes, in the most unbelievable way. This time, I am sorry for my inability to convert hopes into reality.

Thank you for being strong, positive, and inspiring all this time. Thank you for all your beautiful smile. Thank you for making me feel special. I’m sorry I can’t repay you and all your kindness. I’m so sorry for leaving this bitter taste. I’m really sorry I can’t give anything but my most sincere wish for your happiness.

Kenangan itu masih ada, dan akan tetap selalu ada selama kita masih di bawah langit yang sama, langitnya Allah. Thank you :’)


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